I am sold out of almost everything 1911 related right now. I do have drill jigs for $89.00.

1911 frames and slides have proven to be slow sellers and I need to spend big bucks just to get a small discount.

I am more than happy to engrave 1911 slides and frames bought elsewhere.

If I find a deal or come into some extra money I may stock up again (I love working on 1911s), but right now I have no plans to do so.


Not much of an area to engrave on the frames but we can get three lines of letters and numbers @ .08 high (.0625 is legal minimum), but I think it looks good. I can also engrave the frames to look like WWI or WWII 1911's but the checkered grips keep them from being a true retro build. I'm working on finding a more authentic frame to work with.

I can also engrave under the grip and a couple other small areas. 

I can also engrave your 80% frame. Three lines in the area shown will be $35.00 plus $10.00 return shipping. If you live in CA you will need to add 7.5% sales tax.

I will also be engraving 1911 slides (or just about any slide). The price is $35.00 for the first side and $55.00 for both sides. 

The Springfield is for comparison.

You can check out my tutorial on finishing the Tactical Machining frames here; http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=962633