Hello, My name is Randy Spade and I've been hunting and shooting since I was old enough to hoist a BB gun. 

 I got my first Colt SP1 AR-15 in 1983 but I sold it rather than register it when the bans came along. I missed that old rifle and wished I had never sold it. 

 When the OLL movement started picking up steam I bought a couple stripped lower built up a couple AR-15's and I was hooked.

Then in early 2009 I heard about this 80% deal and before I knew it I had picked up a used manual mill off of craigslist and a year later I bought a new CNC mill.

Finding 80% lowers was not easy back then I was just starting out. My first few were castings and they were a couple hundred dollars each.

My favorite part of building 80% lower is being able to customize them with anything you want. Being able to build a family heirloom that will be around long after Iā€™m gone, and that's what I want to help you do.

A lot of you have probably seen my 80% tutorials on one site or another. If not here's a link; 

VaderSpade's 80% Tutorial


Some old hunting pictures.