I am now engraving AR-15 Uppers. I can engrave whatever will fit onto the left side, and one small area on the right side.

Area #1 is the curved surface that is 6 inches X just under 1/2 inch.

Area #2 is the flat area above Area #1 and is 3.8 inches X just over 1/4 inch.

Area #3 is the flat area above the ejector port. Engravings can be just under 3 inches long by 1/4 inch high.

I have a good supply of Tactical Machining 100% Uppers in the white. I will be selling these for $110.00 with all engraving included. The price will be $100.00 when ordered with a Lower.

I prefer to engrave un-anodized uppers and lowers, but I do have black anodized stripped uppers in stock. $80.00 without engraving $110.00 with engraving.

For engraving on your Uppers the price will be $30.00 for the first area, and $10.00 extra for each extra area. Return shipping is $10.00 for any number of Uppers and Lowers when shipped together.

Area #3