Below is some of the engraving I've done. Take a look, if there is something you like let me know. If not send along any ideas or images you may have and I'll see what I can work up. Thanks for looking.

Click on any picture to enlarge it.

A word about text engraving, and fonts;

A lot of people want custom fonts, if we can work that out great but there are a few things you should know. Engraving programs trace the font, which makes it two lines. If you were engraving onto something big this is no problem, but when you try to fit those two line fonts into a space about 1 ½ inches (such as the side of a magwell) those lines will just run into each other and wipe out all the detail. The deeper you go the worst it gets.

 My engraving program comes with a limited number of single line fonts that work well when engraving very small text. Some standard fonts can work well if they are wide fonts and the number of letters is limited.

 I have included some computer generated engravings showing how fast detail goes away with double line fonts. The top fonts are single line, the bottom two are standard fonts that the engraving programmed has traced. The first picture is .01 deep, the second .03, and the third is .05.